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Fx Crusher is NOT an Investment Company. We develop trading algorithms.

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What I Offer

Trading Software

I have developed and released some of the best Forex Robots and Indicators on the market.

Prop Firm Passing Service

I pass your prop firm challenge guaranteed. You can pay me in crypto once phase 1 is passed.

Custom EA Development

Together with my Team of MQ4 and MQ5 programmers I can turn your strategy into a Robot.


I teach and mentor selected students my complete forex trading strategy and guide them on their journey to profitablility


automated trading with fx crusher bot

Forex Trading Bot

Buy a license for the most advanced forex trading algo on the market.

Crypto Breakout Indicator for Tradingview

Spot Crypto Pumps before they actually happen

Forex Signal Channel

The only Signal Channel with Sniper Entries and High RRR

Smart Money EA V1

Automated Trading on a whole new Level

Supply & Demand Indicator for MT4

Buy a license for the most advanced forex trading algo on the market.

TDI Indicator MT4

TDI Indicator for MT4

The only Signal Channel with Sniper Entries and High RRR

About Me

Tim Hutter

I’m a 30 year old Forex Trader and self taught Software Developer and Forex Signal Provider
Robots and Indicators are my passion.
I’m the founder of and FXC Signals. I was born in Switzerland but I have left my Country in 2020 and I’m traveling around the world ever since.

My Vision - Making Money on Autopilot

Freedom of time is my biggest priority. I dedicate all my time and energy into developing tools that make our life as traders easier, more efficient and therefore less stressful.

I have developed some of the best Trading Robots and Tools and the market and I won’t stop until I have the ultimate System which does all the trading for me so I don’t have to work ever again.

Fx Crusher and FXC Signals is a one man show. I have some freelance developers that work for me but I’m the brain behind everything and I’m in personal contact with all my clients.

Tim Hutter

How I made it on the Warning list of the FINMA and some other Financial Regulators

At the end of 2021 some hate towards me was going around. I even made it on the warning list of the FINMA (It’s like the SEC but in Switzerland) and on some other Warning Lists. All based on completely wrong understanding of what I do. 

They were basically claiming that I run some kind of Bitcoin fraud.

I don’t offer any kind of investments. I build Robots and Indicators. Since I make my money with trading manually and with my Robots I don’t depend on selling anything nor do I depend on my reputation.

There’s a lot of scammer in the Forex Space. Honesty is one of my core values and that’s why I’m showing my face. Everyone who knows me in person or follows me on Instagram knows about my transparency.



If you have any questions regarding my products or services, feel free to contact me.

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Fx Crusher is NOT an Investment Company. Fx Crusher is a software company. 
We develop Forex Trading Algorithms and Indicators. We do not offer any kind of investment.

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