Our Refund and Cancellations Policy is simple.

Case 1: Guaranteed Passing of Kortana Fx Nova Funding, Next Step Funded, Infinity Forex Funds, Quantec Trading Capital: We pass your challenge guaranteed, if we don’t pass it we will buy a new account and pass it for free. No refunds but guaranteed passing. If the client violates his account by trading on it, there will be no refunds and we will also not buy a new challenge.

If the client buys an MT5 challenge even though we only pass on MT4 then we help you get the account replaced by the prop firm but we don’t buy you a new account.

If the client tells the prop firm that he has been using a prop firm passing service then the account will be terminated by the prop firm. No refunds in this case. We make sure they can’t know that you are using a passing service so don’t tell them.

Case 2: Guaranteed Passing of Funded Engineer

In case we fail we will refund you 100% of the service fee but not the challenge fee.

Case 3: Account Management, PAMM Account and Mentorship:
In this case no cancellations and no refunds in any case.