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All our services and details about them are available in our free discord.

Prop Firm Passing

We have passed more than 1000 Prop Firm Challenges and we only failed 4. That's why we offer guaranteed passing.

Funded Account Management

We manage live prop firm accounts for a profit share of 50%. Every account is traded manually with unique trades. No EA, no copytrading.

Copy Trading

You can copy our most profitable strategies automatically. Easy setup, no sign up cost, and 35% Profit Share.

Trading Mentorship

Learn how to trade like a professional. We teach you our most profitable strategies and provide you with all the tools you need to become profitable.

AI Trading Bot

Invest in our PAMM Accounts, powered by cutting edge AI technology and generate money on autopilot.


We have developed some of the best tradingview indicators on the market that help serious traders to massively improve profitability.

Prop Firm Passing

We are the industry leader when it comes to passing prop firm challenges. We have passed more than 1000 challenges for our clients and only failed 4 times. If we fail, we buy you a new account and pass it for free.

prop firm passing service

Funded Account Management

We do the heavy lifting for you and manage your funded account for a profit share of 50%. Manual trades with top notch risk management. No martingale bots. We don’t blow your account, we grow it.

Forex Mentorship, Prop Firm Passing, Account Management

Learn How to Snipe

Learn how to trade and become consistently profitable with our custom tools and rule based strategies that are proven to work and verified by MyFxBook. We provide you with everything that you need to make it in this industry. For a fraction of the price of what others charge.

Funded Account Management

Generate Passive Income

Start earning passive income with our AI PAMM Account. Our most profitable EAs and traders supercharged with Artificial Intelligence. This is literally the best way to make money from the markets without learning how to trade.

Generate Passive Income with a PAMM Account

Join our Free Discord

In our free discord there’s more info and more products and services that are not yet on the website.


Every product or service that we offer has an extra page here on the website where everything is explained in detials. If you need more info please join our free discord or use the live chat.

Yes we do.

We accept crypto and bank transfer. Details are in the in the checkout.

All the info about the PAMM accounts are in the discord.

Copy trading is for personal live accounts with realm money. Account management is for funded accounts.

Yes we have a myfxbook verified track record for all our PAMM accounts, Copy Trade Accounts as well as for the strategies that we teach in the mentorship.

Yes we can pass it . Further information is in the discord.

All the details and conditions are in the discord since they depend on the prop firm. There’s some that we can pass guaranteed within 1-2 trading days and other take us 1-2 months and are not guaranteed.

If you need more help use the live chat or just join our discord to get more information about our services.