We Pass Your Prop Firm Challenge Guaranteed

If we don't pass it, we will buy you a new account and pass it for free.

prop firm passing service
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100% Guaranteed Passing

We have passed more than 1000 Challenges and we have only failed 4 times. That’s why we offer guaranteed passing for certain prop firms where our system has proven to work over and over again. If we don’t pass, we will buy you a new challenge and pass it for free.

Sounds Like A Scam

Yeah it does and actually 99% of all these services are complete trash. They are basically a guarantee for blowing your account. They sell you the service, blow the account with a martingale bot and then block you. Money gone and Account gone. We’ve been there. But we are different. We have proven systems and use tools to prevent the prop firm from noticing what we do. And because of that all our clients get their payout without any issues. 

prop firm passing service

How it works

Just buy a challenge, pay for the service and submit your credentials as you place your order. Your challenge will be passed automatically within 1-2 trading days each phase. If the prop firm has minimum trading days you need to place one trade with 0.01 lot every day to get the minimum trading days and we take care of the rest.
If you have a 2 phase evaluation you can submit your phase 2 credentials here in this form once we have passed phase 1

Proof that it works

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Guaranteed Funding

In case we fail, we'll buy you a new challenge and pass it for free!

Next Step Funded - Guaranteed Passing

Starting from $500.00 USD

prop firm passing service

Nova Funding - Guaranteed Passing

Starting from $397.00 USD


Yes we can but these firms have to be passed manually and therefore it’s not guaranteed. We have a very high success rate but it takes way longer and is not guaranteed. More info is in our free discord.

The process is explained on the video above.

It takes us 1-2 trading days each phase. Nova Funding is 1 phase only. So you can get funded within less than a week.

Check our trust pilot here https://www.trustpilot.com/review/fxcrusher.com
Or ask our community members in the free discord.

Yes we do. Join our free discord for more information.

We accept crypto and bank transfer. No credit cards because credit card processors don’t support this kind of business.

As mentioned above. In case we fail we will buy a new challenge and pass it for free. It happened only 4 times since we are in business.

Now you are funded. If you need account management then please join our free discord for more information.

No, it’s up front payment. Check our trust pilot here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/fxcrusher.com
And see yourself.

Yes we can pass it . All infos are in the discord.