We Manage Your Funded Account For You

We trade every account manually with unique trades and good risk management.

Funded Account Management
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How does it work?

For people that are funded but can’t trade we offer account management.
We can trade your funded account for you for a profit share of 50%

Pay Fee

We charge 500$ upfront per account to make sure we don't get scammed by the client.

Submit Credentials

In the checkout you can submit your funded account login credentials.

We Start Trading

Once you have sent your credentials we will setup your account on a VPS and start trading on your account.

Payout Time

Once you have reached the payout date you can request a payout and send us our 50% share.

Mindful Trading

Let’s be real. 99% of account management services blow your account within the first week. We don’t. We can’t guarantee profits but we can guarantee you that we trade your account carefully with good risk management and SL on every trade.

Prop Firm Account Management

Manual Trading

We don’t use bots or copy traders. We trade every single account manually with unique trades from a VPS. Prop firms don’t allow copy trading nor account management so we make sure they will not notice a thing. 

Funded Account Management

Realistic Expectations

The biggest issue is, that most people have completely unrealistic expectations and think they can make 10% per month consistently on a funded account. It’s possible but highly unlikely. We aim for 2-3% per month but we focus on risk management and preserving the account long term. 

Funded Account Management


No, we only accept fresh accounts.

Yes, we only accept 50k accounts and bigger.

No, you are not allowed to login to your account at all. If you login to your account the prop firm might notice a different IP address and breach the account or deny the payout. You can check the progress in your dashboard

We charge a fee upfront to cover our cost and to make sure the clients is serious.

We accept Crypto and bank transfer. For bank details please contact our live chat.

We aim for 2-3% monthly but we focus on risk management and preserving the account. If you think you can make 10% per month on a funded account consistently you are insane.

We risk 0.5-2% per trade and only trade high probability setups.

No we only take 1-3 trades per week. We focus on high probability setups

Profit in the markets can not be guaranteed. Everyone who guarantees profits from the markets is either a scammer or has lost his mind. We do everything as good as we can and have great results but if you need guarantees, then this business is not for you.

We accept every prop firm that offers MT4 or MT5 except for First Class Forex Funds, Fundingpips and CustomFunding.

We haven’t lost any accounts so far but if we lose one it’s just bad luck and part of the game. Account management is against the terms and conditions of all prop firms and they invest a lot of time into breaching these accounts. We have a good system to keep you safe and we do everything to keep the account as long as possible.

We can help you getting funded. Check https://fxcrusher.com/prop-firm-passing

No we do not offer refunds for a service that we have provided.

No, We purchase the VPS ourselfes.

Once you have made the payment you are asked to fill out a form with your contact details. We will contact you via telegram or email.

It’s your responsibility to request a payout once we have reached the payout date. We will provide you with the details to send our profit share. If you don’t pay we will blow the account and not work with you ever again.