We Build Your Trading Bot For You

Never miss a Trade again - We turn your strategy into a fully automatic trading robot.


If you want to automate your trading we can help you by turning your strategy into a trading algorithm that trades for you. You don't need any coding experience. We take care of the whole process.

Thanks to years of experience trading manually, it's easy for us to understand your idea. Every project is completely unique. Therefore prices and processing times vary from project to project.


With the calendar below you can schedule a call where we look at your strategy and ways to automate it. Within 2-3 Business days we will send you a quote with the price, structure and estimated project duration.

After payment we will start developing your algo and keep you updated with prototypes during the whole process until the algo is perfect and does exactly what it's supposed to do.



This completely depends on the complexity of your idea.

A simple indicator can be made for as little as 500 USD

A simple bot can be made for as little as 700 USD

A complex algorithm with multiple modules and custom indicators can cost anywhere from 3000- 6000 USD

This depends on the complexity. A simple indicator can be finished within 2-6 Business days.

A simple bot can be finished within 1-3 weeks

A complex algo can take several months to finish since first every single module has to built and tested and optimized individually.

We can built bots and indicators for Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5, cTrader and Tradingview.

We can also integrate/ connect bots and indicators to Discord and Telegram

We can build you a licensing system which can be integrated in your website so you can sell licenses for your bot. Everything is possible but it comes at a price.

We can also limit a bot to a single account number or build a version that expires automatically after a certain time.

If you have the source code we can fix any error or do whatever modification.

of Course, if you have the source code we can do that.

Of course. We can put your branding, colors and logo on the bot. We will never put any of our branding on your product.