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Learn How To Trade and Become Consistently Profitable

We teach you how the best replica rolex datejust 116233bksj mens 36mm automatic silver tone review market actually works and how to capitalize on it.

Forex Mentorship, Prop Firm Passing, Account Management
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What exactly is it that we do?

In simple words, we help our members through a 3 step process:

Develop Trading Skills

We teach you how the market actually works and show you strategies for different market conditions.

Getting Funded

Once our students are profitable we help them aquire trading capital

Scale Capital

We help our students preserve and scale their trading capital

Verified Track Record

There countless mentors and course sellers out there but only very  few of them have a verified track record that proves, that what they teach actually works. We’re different. It might be not the smoothest read track record but it’s highly profitable win low drawdowns that make our strategies perfect for funded accounts. Decent win rate and a very positive risk to reward ratio.  And all this with minimum time investment.  See Yourself

What's Included?

Learn how to trade


Yes the Video course also includes a section for complete beginners.

There’s not a specific time frame for that. It can take anywhere from 1-5 years and you should not put a limit on it. Just follow the instructions and put in the work no matter what, eventually you will make it. Enjoy the ride.

Yes. It’s videos on demand. And since we have different strategies you can learn how to trade whilst having a full time job. Especially our swing trade system requires minimal time investment thanks to our automatic alert system.

What we teach works on every tradeable instrument and on every timeframe. No matter if it’s Gold, Forex, Crypto, Stocks or Commodities.

At the start you don’t have to invest anything. First you need to learn and practice on a demo account before considering risking any real money. Later down the road we will help you to get funded with capital from a pro firm.

Mindset is a big part of what we teach. It’s part of the strategies, trading plan, the tools we use and the whole philosophy.

Our focus mainly lies on a technical analysis but we use  fundamentals for our swing trades.

Yes you can pay via bank transfer. Just contact us in the live chat and we’ll provide you with the bank details.