Fx Crusher

Finally our AI PAMM is available for US, CA, AU and UK residents too 🎉

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Forex Trading Bot



You make money while you sleep. A robot that trades the forex market for you 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Every time you check your phone there’s more profit in your account. You can spend more time doing stuff that you actually enjoy. The forex market is an elf bar passion fruit orange guava unbelievably big accumulation of money. You just need the right strategy and consistency to take it.

But let’s face it. No human on this planet can be as consistent as a richard mille rm 07 02 rm 07 02 007 unknown ladies automatic robot. A human trader might have lucky days where he makes big profits but then the emotions come into play and within the next few trades the majority of the profits have been given back to the market. Our bot has no emotions….but a winning strategy.


This can’t be true. It’s too good to be true and even if click here now it works it’s either not affordable or I need to deposit a big amount of money to start…
Where in reality none of that is true.
You can start with as little as USD 1000$ on your account.

Want to know how it works?



90% of all Forex traders loose money due to emotional behavior on the market. Which is completely normal when trading with real money. This is why we have developed a completely automated system that allows you to trade on autopilot.


Imagine you make money while you sleep. Our bot trades for you the forex market 24/5.