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You make money while you sleep. A robot that trades the forex market for you 24 hours a day and 5 days a week. Every time you check your phone there’s more profit in your account. You can spend more time doing stuff that you actually enjoy. The forex market is an unbelievably big accumulation of money. You just need the right strategy and consistency to take it.

But let’s face it. No human on this planet can be as consistent as a robot. A human trader might have lucky days where he makes big profits but then the emotions come into play and within the next few trades the majority of the profits have been given back to the market. Our bot has no emotions….but a winning strategy.


This can’t be true. It’s too good to be true and even if it works it’s either not affordable or I need to deposit a big amount of money to start…
Where in reality none of that is true.
You can start with as little as USD 1000$ on your account.

Want to know how it works?



90% of all Forex traders loose money due to emotional behavior on the market. Which is completely normal when trading with real money. This is why we have developed a completely automated system that allows you to trade on autopilot.


Imagine you make money while you sleep. Our bot trades for you the forex market 24/5.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we can pass both phase of First Class Forex Funds and Phase 2 or The Funded Trader Royal Challenge

We used to pass MFF as well but they suspended our bot. However we are working on passing other firms as well.

Unfortunately you won’t get a refund. This is the deal. They let us pass the challenges with our EA but they won’t refund the challenge fee.

Both First Class Forex Funds The Funded Trader 
are paying their traders. Please watch the video above for payment proof or check their discord. 

Buy a challenge and send us the MT4 login on Telegram or on instagram (timhutter.official) or in the live chat or send an email to

We will pass it within the first 5 trading days. Make sure you trade 0.01 lot every day to get the 5 minimum trading days in. After we hit the profit target of phase 1 we will send you a message. Then it’s time to pay us in Crypto (USDT)

Then you send us the Phase 2 login, we will pass it within 5 trading days. Again you have to do one trade per day with 0.01 lot to get the minimum 5 trading days in. Then you’re fully funded.

Firstclassforexfunds (partnered with eightcap) 
-500k ($1.5k)
-200k ($1k)
-100k ($750)
-50k ($500)
-25k ($250)

The Funded Trader Phase 1 of the Royal Challenge  (partnered with eightcap) 
-300k ($550)
-200k ($450)
-100k ($250)
-50k ($150)
-25k ($250)

For various reasons the only form of payment we accept is crypto. Preferably USDT TRC-20 but we accept almost every cryptocurrency. Just be aware that some coins have high fees and we don’0t cover the transaction fees. 

Obviously not. Please do the math.

In general I don’t recomment getting funded when you don’t know how to trade. But in case you need, I can connect you with some legit account managers. Text me on instagram (timhutter.official) or on telegram: timhutter

Because you only pay us once phase 1 is passed.

We haven’t failed a single challenge. In case we fail phase 2 we will refund you. But we don’t refund the challenge fee.

When you work with us it won’t get flagged. We have a good conection with the prop firm and m ake sure all our clients get their live accounts.

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I was like you: sceptical at first. But after trying out the system, I can tell it works. And honestly, it works better than I excepted! No bank will ever get you so much return as this money maker. We're talking 10%+ return per month. Pretty crazy!
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I'm very happy with the performance of the Fxcrusher bot. You get great support with the installation and with requests. I can only recommend. It is definitely worth it!
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