Use Our AI PAMM Account To Generate Passive Income

We trade every account manually with unique trades and good risk management.

PAMM Account

  • 100% Hands Off Passive Income
  • Powered by AI
  • 8% Monthly Return On Average So Far
  • Access Your Funds Whenever You Want
  • Partnered With Vantage Markets

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PAMM Account
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How does it work?

A PAMM Account works like a hedge fund. You can invest and let our AI Bots trade for you.  Without ever giving your money to us. It always stays on the broker.

How to get started

It might seem complicated but it’s not. This is how the you can sign up.


Register with the regulated broker, do KYC and open a MT4 PAMM Investor Account and wait for the broker to send you the credentials.

Sign Up

Fund Your Account

Once you have received the login of your PAMM Investor Account, fund your account with at least 1000 Euro.


Connect Account

Once you have made a deposit you now have to connect your account to the master account by using the button bellow.


Start Earning

Once connected, every trade that we take gets taken on your account as well and profits distributed evenly.

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The Power of Artificial Intelligence

There’s a lot of PAMM Accounts out there. And most of them blow up sooner or later because they use highly risky Martingale/ Grid Strategies. We’re different. Our PAMM runs with 5 different algos and 2 manual traders. Our AI allocates the capital depending on the performance of each strategy in the current market conditions.

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Best PAMM Account

100% Hands Off Passive Income

That’s not just empty words. A PAMM Account is for most people the perfect way to generate passive income.Once you have connected your account there’s absolutely nothing you have to do anymore. AI does all the heavy lifting and a team of  traders checks 24/5 on the algos and makes sure everything runs smooth.

Check the Track Record

Generate Passive Income with a PAMM Account

More Insight Behind The Scenes

Learn more about the system and the people behind the PAMM.


What is the minimum deposit amount?

1000 USD

What does PAMM stand for?

PAMM is the short form of Percentage Allocation Management Module.

Can I start with a small amount and deposit more money later?

Yes. If you want to deposit more you just go to 
login with your credentials and make an additional deposit into the PAMM. Note: You can only deposit money from your MT4 PAMM Investor Account into the PAMM master account. If you have no money in your MT4 you need to make a deposit there first.

Can I use the PAMM Account with my funded account?


Is it 100% safe?

The PAMM Account has a long track record and proven to be profitable and the broker we use is fully regulated and considered safe but it’s still trading and therefore there’s always a risk. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

Will you refund the money if you lose?

No there’s no refunds since it’s an investment.

Can I withdraw my money whenever I want?

Yes you can request a withdrawal at any time. It takes maximum 1-2 trading days to process. The money will then be transferred back into your MT4 PAMM investor account and you can withdraw it to your wallet or bank account.

How much of the profits can I keep?

65% for you, 35% for us. The profit share gets deducted automatically.

How much will I earn per month?

So far we have been averaging around 9% per month.

Are profits guaranteed?

Profits from the markets can never be guaranteed.

I’m from the US, Canada, UK, how can I use the PAMM?

Since we are using a top tier regulated broker, people from restricted countries like US, Canada and UK can’t join due to regulations but there will be a solution soon.